With a combination of perks, benefits, social activities, and learning opportunities, we invest every day in our most important asset: our people.


Nguyen Canh Hung: Co-owner of Bosgaurus coffee. He is an engineer with coffee passion. What he want to do is all about “Arabica Sua Da”.

Tran Que Han

Han is a two-time National Barista Champion, and leads our store management & education programs – “Let me stand close to you enough, and I will make you love me”

Vu Tran Nguyen Anh

is a fashionista and loves to be called pretty Anna. Good coffee must be brewed by pretty woman. Don’t let me hungry, the coffee will be foolish.


His commitment and interest in coffee and the customer is priority. Bao is a stylish man who is constantly inspiring, curious, and positive. Morning Bobby men.


is always friendly, dynamic, kind, and positive. Loan keeps great attitude even tough & busy days. Chatting with Loan always brightens your day.

Linh Da

quietly kills her job all day, every day—without fail or complaint. She is shy but has really big heart. My colleagues call me “Hippolida”