"Keeping Dreams Awake"

Do you remember that first moment where you first started to ask why coffee had different flavors and how that complex flavor come out the coffee?

My story began just 6 years ago and after traveling around Europe and discovering complex spectrum flavors and delicious coffee from 100% Arabica. It was not like what I tasted in my hometown, commercial and stale, very dark color roasted beans. I spent time to study Vietnamese Arabica coffee and was excited about its potential growth.

Shawshank Redemption is our favorite film of all time. We was inspired the Andy Dufresne’s character who would not allow grim circumstances keep him from hoping and following his dreams. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. The beautiful quote of Andy in movie gave us an idea to build up the belief system for Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters.    

We truly want to promote Vietnamese Arabica coffee and let the world taste our remarkable Arabica Sua Da. We named our business Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters and started our long journey for a delicious cup of coffee. It is an ideal that we hope to live for and to achieve.

We only live once. Focusing on our dreams, don’t give up. Get busy living or get busy dying.

Keeping Dreams Awake.      



The 5 Guiding Principles are key to the internal culture of our organization


  • Strive for compliance with all laws and regulations,
  • Does business the right way,
  • Prohibiting and combating corruption & bribery,
  • Protecting company assets and information.


  • We are committed to care about every customer we see.
  • Understand, develop, and create lifetime relationships with customers to profitably anticipate, satisfy their needs.
  • Help our colleagues, employees, and employers, to understand and acknowledge their needs, passions and professional abilities and in turn, provide the resources, guidance and opportunities to bring out the talent in them.


  • Practice humility and intellectual honesty,
  • Value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere,
  • Seek and provide honest feedback,
  • Learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure,
  • Being open, honest and respectful at all times with our colleagues, with our customers and with all our stakeholders,


  • Treat others with honesty, dignity, respect and sensitivity,
  • Appreciate the value of diversity,
  • Encourage and practice teamwork,


  • Embrace enthusiastically, encourage and drive change,
  • Challenge the status quo to lead to innovation.
  • Fail fast learn faster,
  • Proactively share your knowledge while embracing a challenge process,
  • Find innovative ways of getting the job done,
  • Think anything is possible to accomplish the goals.