Coffee was introduced to Vietnam in 1857 by the French and slowly grew as producer of coffee in Asia. The height of coffee production occurred in the early 20th century as small-scale production shifted towards plantations. Following Doi Moi reforms in 1986 Vietnam had become the world’s #2 coffee producer after Brazil, but production was largely focused on Robusta beans for export as a commodity. The Arabica plantation has been reduced because of Robusta quantity strategy of government.

Within 2000s, in HCMC, Vietnam, an engineer and coffee lover, traveled around Europe and discovered complex spectrum flavors and delicious coffee from 100% Arabica. It was not like what he tasted in his hometown, commercial and stale, very dark color roasted beans. He spent time to study Vietnamese Arabica coffee and was excited about its potential growth.

He loves ca phe sua da but traditional taste is too much sweet & bitter from rich condensed milk and overly roasted bean. It gives simple boring milky chocolate flavor. He asked himself “can we use 100% Arabica to make Arabica sua da committed to use local varieties”

He decided to open a roastery for people who loved to experience actual taste of high quality Arabica, freshly roasted beans, and new wave of ca phe sua da called Arabica sua da. He made a vow of doing business “I will make my customers happy by using mind and hand to responsibly source the best, roasting and brewing with passion, serving with kindness, keeping big smile, and giving back more”.

Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters (BOS.) is a long name reflects his hard work and keeps dreams of the day when everyone has experienced and can appreciate the delightfully nuanced arrival and aftertaste of Arabica sua da. To facilitate this, BOS. leads open classes for roasters, baristas and tasters at the shop’s training center. With enough time and research, they hope that the Arabica coffee grown in Vietnam reach world-class quality levels with global demand to match. Such successes will help nurture coffee culture in and outside the country.

Truly Specialty Coffee is BOS.’ sourcing philosophy. We pursue this not only in how we source and roast beans and prepare drinks, but also in the shop’s design and environment. Inspired by a Scandinavian and Japanese minimalist and simplicity, white style, the large space features clean steel and soft edges.

BOS.’ slogan is “Keeping Dreams Awake.” The phrase refers to the shop’s dreams to maintain Vietnam’s unique coffee culture while adding to it a deep appreciation for “Arabica Sua Da” made with native-grown Arabica beans. Our transparent sourcing practices combined with the extreme care they give each roast, brew and pour to contribute to a truly wonderful cup that will change how you understand Vietnamese coffee.

We hope our coffee will find you and find you well.